The Mossey Academy of Martial Arts was founded to teach self-defense. In today’s world, you must be able to defend yourself from violent attacks. You only have to turn on the news to hear about individuals, communities, and our nation being terrorized by wanton acts of violence. At MAMA, I am first and foremost concerned with your ability to defend yourself, and loved ones in life threatening situations. Although you will learn Arts that are used in sport competition, my focus is not on training you for the ring, it is on preparing you for the realities of street combat. It is my goal to help my students develop their mind, spirit, and bodies as complete Martial Artist and human beings. At MAMA, I strive to insure that the contributions and teachings of my instructors will never be forgotten. MAMA is a tribute to the legacy of those instructors who selflessly gave to me the knowledge that makes MAMA possible.


I strive to teach my students how to defend themselves in all four ranges of combat; Kicking, Punching, Trapping, and Grappling. Training includes the use and defense against weapons, and multiple attackers. Emphasis is placed on developing your combat attributes of speed, timing, power, sensitivity, and awareness. At MAMA, you will learn by doing. Classes are composed of explanation, demonstration, and practical application. Proficiency comes through constant conditioning, diligent training, and trying to execute techniques against an unwilling opponent. At MAMA, you will become a well-rounded Martial Artist.

Required Equipment

Students are required to have the appropriate safety and training equipment. A short list includes: Association Gi, patch and membership in the Pedro Sauer Association. For the other arts you will need training sticks, knives, focus mitts, bag gloves, boxing headgear, mouthpiece, cup, shin guards and eye protection. I will be happy to help you select quality equipment that will enhance your training and keep you safe from injury.

Testing and Certification

MAMA offers testing and instructor certification programs. Testing, and preparing to test, helps motivate you to learn and become functional with the material at MAMA. Your goal should not be to attain something you can hang on the wall, or around your waist, but to become a functional well-rounded Martial Artist that is capable of defending yourself and loved ones.


Attitude is everything! Everyone is expected to have an excellent positive attitude. Courtesy, humility, and respect are the standard to which all students are expected to adhere. Respect for other students, respect for your instructor, and respect for your school, shows respect for yourself. A negative attitude, or failing to show proper respect is grounds for dismissal from the school.


Although you will get a physical work out during class, the course is not taught as a cardio kickboxing or Tae Bo class. This class is for those individuals who are serious about learning self-defense or competing, and should not be taken by someone just looking to get into shape. You are expected to be in good physical condition. The better conditioned you are, the more you will get out of your classes, for fatigue doth make cowards of us all.


Each new student candidate must pass a 90 day evaluation period and complete a martial arts goal thesis. During that period you will be required to attend at least 2 classes per week. If you can not make class you are required to notify your instructor in advance. You will also receive a school sponsor to assist you during your first 90 days with the school. At the end of the evaluation period the student body will vote on your acceptance into the school. Your commitment, character, dedication and respect for the school, its students, and instructors will be evaluated before you are accepted to be a full time member of MAMA.


Although you will be participating in a self-defense class of rigorous physical training, safety comes first. Protective equipment is required during physical contact, and everyone must constantly guard against physical injury. If you get hurt or hurt your partner, you can't train, and if you can't train, you can't grow. We observe the protect your partner program at all times.